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Camp Believe It

Power to the People. From Trash.

Waste-to-Energy for Standing Rock and Beyond

Camp Believe It is an effort to prototype and demonstrate easy to build, small-scale, decentralized waste-to-energy systems that allow humans anywhere to derive useful resources, such as clean water, heat, electricity, fuel, and fertilizer, from common wastes, such as feces, urine, plastics, trash, food scraps, biomass, and graywater. Waste is only waste if it’s wasted!


Build Stuff!

If you have experience with fabrication and making, you can help by building systems wherever you are, and sending them out to Standing Rock.

Solve Problems!

If you like design challenges and problem solving, you can follow our blog where we post the challenges we’re facing, so you can help design solutions!

Chip In Money!

If you like what we’re doing, and want to make sure we have the resources we need to keep experimenting to get these systems up and running, you can chip in cash!


Are you a maker, programmer, builder, or inventor? You can help us design a “complete circuit” of machines and processes that can effectively and safely break down ALL common waste products: human feces, urine, cardboard, wood chips, HDPE, LDPE, and PETE plastic, and graywater, and turn them back into energy and useable resources, including but not limited to: clean hot water, potable drinking water, electricity, fuel, building materials, and fertilizer.